So today I start with this different approach how to use my blog, I’m going to post my thoughts, I call this chapter “original thoughts” (but don’t hate too much on the word please) and the other chapter will be called “articles” which I may share with you in the future.

Post 1 - Reality and his perceptions ( human based reality )

Important to keep in mind, there’s 2 realities (3?) you much engage to and a few perceptions which are other’s people reality perception. First is the universal reality, the undeniable reality, free of man judge, free of man emotion, free of man illusion, free of human brain, simply and plain.

Second there’s your reality, or we may call it the reality created upon your perception, which in this case turn to be what you call reality, because that’s what you live with, its the reality you build, the reality you project, the one you have right to have and to balance between yours and the universal reality.

Third, there’s how I call it the (hu)man based reality, because if not mine but other’s reality, this is when others project their reality on stuff and that influences you, keeping you away to easily understand the universal reality and perceive it by your own self, that’s why I separated them into 2 distinguish things on the human based reality, so that justifies the influence on your own reality which collides everyday into the one that its created as a product of collective thought and daily basis throw society, which is this third, called (hu)man based reality, originated from more than one person, from a group.

I have described them in this order because if you that them in count, will definitely help out, on your life.

Once you have that perception you will not only make a division yourself but you will understand the division in the context of this analysis, division if the need to compare and observe individually in order to achieve the thought and continue on to the next.

This is more for readers because I just found important to share a few of things with people, who might appreciate it.

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